A Dental Visit at Your Gilbert School

dental visitFrom January through March, Dr. Rita Peck, a family and cosmetic dentist in Gilbert, Arizona, is busy spreading the word to several Gilbert Public School first grade students on the importance of good oral hygiene through a dental visit.  This is the fourth year Dr. Peck has visited various elementary schools in the Gilbert school district, demonstrating to young students how and why we brush our teeth; she performs visual dental screenings and provides goodie bags to the students as well.  “Many of the students I see are on track with their development and dental care.  This is a friendly reminder for them to brush their teeth and to continue doing a great job.  For others, this dental visit is their first experience with a dentist and they may be hearing this message for the first time”, shares Dr. Peck.

A Friendly and Fun Dental Visit

February is dental health month for Gilbert Public Schools.  Dr. Rita Peck contributes to the district’s dental health program by volunteering her time, sharing her expertise, listening to stories and answering questions many first grade students have about teeth.  This dental visit is a happy and relaxed one; a positive first dental experience can positively influence all future dental visits.

A Dental Visit with Dr. Rita Peck

When she is not educating Gilbert first grade students on proper tooth brushing techniques, Dr. Peck is educating patients and treating smiles at her private practice, Gilbert Vista Dental Care, where patient comfort and satisfaction are her top priorities.  Dr. Peck provides preventative and comprehensive care to her many patients, who range in age from 2 to 92.  For more information, call our office 480-503-5467 or visit our website www.drritapeck.com.