Dental care can mean more than just healthy teeth or not.  It could also quite literally be a lifesaver.

Your Gilbert Dentist and Why Pain Should be Controlled

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Your mouth has a rather large collection of nerve endings.  Your lips alone have over 10,000 nerve endings.  As the nerves in your mouth are closer to your brain, pain information has less of a distance to travel, so pain can be more acute.  Pain is caused by inflammation.  Some inflammation in a human body is fairly normal.  However, clusters of inflamed nerves can cause your body undue stress.  When your system is stressed, it causes your vascular system to constrict.  When pain’s present in a body, it causes even more constriction.  Too much stress on a body, and something gives out.  Your heart can give out in cases of extreme pain, and if you’ve ever had a tooth go bad, you know how bad that pain can be. However, it’s not just tooth pain that can put your life at risk.  Your gums can also put you at risk as well.

Proper Dental Care and Avoiding Gingivitis

People dismiss gingivitis as merely an annoyance.  Why do bleeding gums matter.  First off, the fact that your gums are bleeding means that your mouth is infected.  As there are tiny tears below the gum line, that means that your open to more infections.  However, to add to this problem, your gums are inflamed and gingivitis has been proven to be a contributor to heart disease.  A dentist may or may not be able to help you with gum disease,  generally that is a periodontist.
If you get a dental exam however, it can help to stop problems before they happen.  And as you see, a lot of your body’s systems are interconnected and in surprising ways.
So, eat your vegetables and floss your teeth.  Get regular exercise, and the right amount of sleep, and most important of all get into a dentist in Gilbert, Arizona before you start experiencing pain.
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