Call Your Gilbert Dentist: What To Do in a Dental Emergency

What do you do if a filling falls out or you encounter another dental emergency? The answer depends on what the emergency is.

Call Your Dentist in Gilbert | Schedule an Exam (480) 503-5467

Call Your Dentist in Gilbert | Schedule an Exam (480) 503-5467

What Do You Do If You Lose a Filling?

First off, don’t panic. A lost filling or crown is rarely an emergency. If you are in pain, however, then you will want to contact an emergency dentist and get in as soon as you can.
Don’t wait too long in any event to call your dentist in Gilbert. Your tooth could be experiencing tooth decay, and the decay may be accelerating. If you still have it, make sure you save the filling.
Do not try to glue the filling back in particularly with any household glues. They are not safe to put in your mouth. They can damage the tooth and crown, and in some cases they are toxic.

What Your Dentist Will Do: Restorative Dentistry in Gilbert

If you lose a filling, your dentist will remove the decay that developed between the old filling and the tooth, and place a new filling.
Decay may have changed the shape of your tooth. Usually, this means that your dentist will need to prepare the tooth again to ensure the new filling will fit. So the dentist is going to likely examine the filling as well as your tooth. If your tooth is largely intact, little to no changes will be made. If your tooth decay is more pronounced, then it is likely that your dentist will use her best judgement on whether the tooth needs to be pulled, or whether restorative dentistry will be the best course of action.
If restorative dentistry is recommended, first off don’t panic. Your dentist will make it as simple as she or he can on you. You don’t want to wait, however. Without a filling, your tooth pulp is exposed and soon your nerve will become infected. Then you’re facing an abscess tooth.
As we covered previously, people don’t know just how much danger they are in from an abscess tooth.  If untreated, the infection can spread so that it can affect your entire body, including your heart, brain, or lungs.  If you don’t go to your dentist in Gilbert to take care of a tooth abscess, it can potentially kill you.
Whatever the dental emergency, don’t try to treat yourself. Call your dentist in Gilbert immediately.
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