As your Gilbert dentist, it concerns me that you might not be taking your dental care seriously.

Visit Your Dentist in Gilbert and Improve Your Smile| Schedule an Appointment Today | (480) 503-5467

Visit Your Dentist in Gilbert and Improve Your Smile| Schedule an Appointment Today | (480) 503-5467

Your Dentist in Gilbert: Teeth Cleaning is Only Part of It

As we covered previously, dental care, is one of the most neglected areas of people’s health.  They have no problem visiting a doctor for an eye exam or for their annual checkup but getting them into a dentist chair is, if you pardon the expression, like pulling teeth.   They ignore tooth ache until it drives them to emergency visits and then its root canal work or worse. This is hugely expensive and can run into thousands of dollars rather than the low maintenance cost that comes with frequent visits.
Dentist phobia is real and in fact, only the hardiest people will go to the dentist without any nervous tension and for many people, it is a very anxious experience. The modern dentist has a range of techniques to lessen the discomfort and of course the whole approach by dental staff very much embraces the concept that dentist phobia is a serious issue. The reality though is that the more serious the dental issue, the more uncomfortable the experience. This means that a simple but regular 20 minute appointment with your Gilbert dentist will significantly reduce the much more stressful appointments where root canal work or large cavity fillings are needed.

Improve Your Self-Esteem With The Help Of Your Dentist in Gilbert

Personal appearance is one of the most important parts of self-esteem. This is evident now with the huge growth in social media and the posting of pictures. The modern society means white teeth are often for the rich whilst those who have less financial resource may have to be self-conscious showing about their teeth in smiles. Fizzy drinks, lots of alfresco tea and coffee and of course less frequent cleaning of teeth can mean they take on a yellow appearance. Your dentist in Gilbert has a range of techniques to clean your teeth up and this helps both with the cosmetic look and of course the hygiene.
Degenerating dental health is linked to serious health issues including cardio vascular problems and yet people are going to the dentist less and the condition of teeth is in decline. If you live with serious tooth decay for years, then it has the prospect to get really serious. Gum disease has been associated with allowing bacteria into the blood stream and studies have shown prevailing inflammation of gum tissue is a common factor with cardio vascular illness. More commonly, the continued presence of abscesses can cause erosion of bone structure which can lead to additional complications. Your dentist can help prevent these problems from developing and can catch them before they develop to the next level.
So, again, be proactive about your dental care.  Schedule an appointment with your dentist in Gilbert.
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