We know as a dental practice in Gilbert, that good oral health means that your overall health can also improve.

A Dentist in Gilbert Can Help With Many Oral Problems | (480) 503-5467

A Dentist in Gilbert Can Help With Many Oral Problems | (480) 503-5467

How Can Visiting a Dentist Help Me With My Health?

As we covered previously, the continued presence of abscesses can cause erosion of bone structure which can lead to additional complications. Your dentist can help prevent these problems from developing and can catch them before they develop to the next level, which can be various forms of cancer.
Mouth cancer and other oral cancers are very treatable when spotted early; the dentist is a specialist and can spot the early signs of mouth and gum cancer. Whilst this is frightening, to think about the alternative just doesn’t bear thinking about as these types of cancer are very disfiguring at their very best.  How can visiting a dentist help you with your health?  A more appropriate question is how can it not?

Oral Care Best Practices From Your Dentist in Gilbert

Regular oral care with brushing is recommended at every step of our lives but the modern world often means people brush only at one end of the day or the other. The removal of fragments of food and the after effects of drinks will make a big difference. As time is often important then a good electric toothbrush will make a much faster and better job than a quick up and down with a standard toothbrush.
Avoiding fizzy drinks, sugar from sweets and acidic foods is not easy but all are contributors to tooth decay, but what is often overlooked is the amount of sugar in food. Processed food has a very high sugar content and the use of corn syrup (fructose) increases sugar levels in food dramatically. Avoiding processed food is a very good thing and of course it is not just your teeth that will benefit.
Pain goes hand in hand with tooth decay. People put up with pain from cavities and decay for months and it has a detrimental effect on life on a day to day basis. The reality is that it may go away for a while but it always comes back and the certainty is that at some point a rapid escalation will make life a misery. It will affect life at home, at work and even relationships. Regular visits to the dentist will reduce the chance of tooth decay and in turn the opportunity for it to reduce the quality of life.
It is amazing how the fast pace of modern life affects the general well-being of people and the sheer misery of toothache is surpassed only by the cost of emergency treatment. In an age where people think nothing about spending money on servicing cars to avoid breakdowns or hundreds of dollars upgrading phones it does not make sense to neglect your dental care. Nobody wants to be self-conscious about smiling, serious oral issues are hard to fix and financially it does not make sense.  So, get on the phone and get in the seat.
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